Revoking Our Second Amendment Rights

After reading some of Thomas Paine’s works, it has come to my attention that he had a lot of influence of the declaration of independence. There are theories that he might have even written it, but my main concern is how he thought government should be. He believed “that a government should exist for the people and not against the people.”, and I could not agree with him more. Things have not changed much over the course of history, in this field. He was fighting for independence and that’s what we are doing now. Our government is trying to revoke our second amendment rights, our right to bear arms.

Since the idea was introduced to the public, gun and ammo sales have went out the roof. I personally have purchased every round I can find. Why? If this act passes, some of the calibers and specialty rounds will not be available anymore. One of the demands of the President is to “ban armor-piercing bullets” and remove them from the market. This is a problem, because any average Joe can go to an Army Surplus store and buy bulletproof vests and many other protective layers. Without the armor piecing rounds, how would a man, or woman, protect their children and family against an intruder who had purchased this armor? The only thing that family could do would be to attempt to meet the intruders’ desires, and that’s not acceptable in my book. The second amendment says I have the right to bear arms and I want to be able to do in any circumstance.

Another part of the bill states that there will be a ban on military-style assault rifles and magazine capacities will be reduced to ten rounds. I own an AR-15 and so does my father, and if the ban ever passes, I don’t think they will ever get them because it’s something we have purchased with our hard earned money, for enjoyment. A “military-style assault rifle” is a very broad term in the government’s opinion. They interpret them as any firearm with a muzzle break, which is a barrel that has gas chambers in it to reduce recoil, and has an accessory rail, which is a slotted piece of plastic that allows a flashlight or sight to be attached. That describes almost every firearm produced today. This is an issue because the public purchases these types of weapons for enjoyment. Many Americans are some of the best marksman in the world and they shoot weapons like this every day. The magazine reduction is also a big issue. Most all handgun magazines hold between twelve and seventeen rounds, except in New York, where the limit is already ten. By reducing them to ten rounds, this reduces the likelihood that an intruder could be stopped. You could lose something very special to you because you didn’t have that one extra bullet. It’s also an issue for the sportsman due to the constant reloading process and it will wear the internal parts of the firearm out faster.

The last part of the bill states that there should be mandatory “background checks for anyone who wants to buy a gun.” This is in effect now, so how will it change anything? When a citizen goes to a store to purchase a firearm, the seller contacts the government, gives them all of your information, and then tells you if you can purchase it or not. The only way to “beat the system” is to buy a firearm from an individual seller. The new bill states that an individual cannot sell firearms without going through the process. I agree that there should be a mandatory process but a criminal is not going to follow the law. By stopping individual sales, it takes away from the honest, and gives to the dishonest.

If this bill passes, there will be an uprising similar to what Paine started. Our government is trying to take away one of our God given freedoms. This is the land of the free and I do not agree with the bill. I am an active member of the NRA and I will fight this until there is a decision made. We are slowly turning into a dictatorship, and I believe that if Paine were here, he would stand beside me and fight for what is right.


Here is a photo to explain the muzzle break and accessory rail


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